Mission Possibly Impossible

My name is Steve.  I’ve been playing lotro since September 2007.  I have gotten a friend or two to play LOTRO and also convinced my wife to play as well.  My wife and I both have Lifetime accounts that we purchased after playing LOTRO for less than a year.  It was well worth the price at the time.  With LOTRO changing to F2P, I wondered when it was announced if it would mean we would have to start to pay again.  It turns out that Turbine was true to their word.

With F2P going for a few months now, I wondered what it was like to play for free, and what I would’ve done had it been free years ago when I start.  Would I have eventually subbed?  Would I have continued to just play for free?  Would I have become a premium member and bought some points here or there?  Would I even have been able to become a Lifetime member?

So I decided to give it a shot.  I’m playing an Elf Hunter through LOTRO… totally free.

Side Note:  I have 9 characters on my lifetime account including 4 level 65’s.  One is a Human Hunter, so I have pretty good knowledge of the class.  Also, I’m trying my best to be as self-sufficient as possible.  I gave him some cosmetic items early on and added him to the kinship my other characters are in for convenience.

Look me up on Brandywine… I’m usually on most nights, EST.


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