Back in Action

So I’ve been picking up where I left off.  I ran 7 or so skirmishes and hit level 54.  If you remember my posts around the time of Update 2 being released, they changed the levels on the epic.  It really hurt the F2P player.  The levels increased for the quests and made getting through the mid 50’s tougher for anyone without the Moria quest pack.  A while later, I saw that they removed the daily quest from skirmishes when they implemented the Instance Finder.  Another blow to the F2P player, I thought.

I was wrong.

Actually.  It’s a wash.  While before, you could run Tuckborough and Gondamon at the minimum level and get the XP of a ‘normal’ quest, now you don’t.  If you run it on level, using the Instance Finder you’ll get level scaled XP… and guess what??? You can get it every time you run it!  In other words, you could quickly do the daily for a little XP before.  Now, it’ll take longer, but you can get more XP each time and you don’t get penalized for running the same instance over and over again.  In other words, it allows you to grind more. 🙂  So whether you think it’s good or bad, skirmishes are how the F2P player will level w/o quest packs.  Now, you’ll get MORE XP for doing it.

So how else has the instance finder changed the F2P player?

Bonus marks and morale!  I purchased Thievery and Mischief with earned TP before I took my break a year ago.  With the instance finder open, I go to the Advanced Tab.  I select Skirmish, 1, and Tier 1.  Then select all 3 skirmishes.  I get the following bonuses by having 3 to choose from.  +50% to all currency earning.  +5% morale and power.  Now, if you didn’t have a 3rd skirmish, your bonus would be +20% to all currency.

The only downside is it will assign you to a random skirmish.  I guess if you don’t want to do that one, you can just cancel and try again.  The bonuses are worth the randomness.  Once I unlock the 3 level 55 epic skirmishes in Moria, those bonuses will be even more most likely.

So I’m about half way through 54.  Need to do about 6 more skirmishes until 55.  Then i’ll unlock more epic quests and basically every epic that’s level 60.  I’m going to try and continue the epic in order, but we’ll see how it goes.  At 55, I’m going to spend some time getting new LI with the tablets I have to get some more fire power.  I did also use my TP I got from Moria reputation points to buy another class trait slot, giving me 4 total.  I went all Red, to get the bonuses.

Well, I’m off.  Thanks for reading!



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  1. Thanks for a good info, Von! I was actually thinking to start running skirms again on my champ. Even though he won’t be F2P I’ve learned something new about selecting multiple skirms and gaining bonuses for that. He pretty much leveled to 35 by running skirms. Good tips. Thanks!

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