Reaching Level 50

When I first started this journey out, my big goal was to hit level 50.  It used to be the cap and I believed that with all the epic quests, it would be easily attainable.  It was.

I did very little grinding other than skirmishes.  The lower level deeds really didn’t seem like much of a grind, more like leveling crafting through farming mats.  The only deed “grind” to me is later deeds where 150/300 are the killing numbers.

So I was going through the volume 1 epic.  Had a hiccup on 12.3 in Barad Tironn and had to get some help with that one.  The next problem was at 14.1, getting Laerdan’s Breastplate.  The boss fights are just not made for a level 49 hunter than can have almost every DPS skill interrupted.  I was nearing the 3/4 mark on level 49 when I got to 14.12, Skin of Bregmor.  I remembered doing this a few months ago with my level 52 Warden and it was tough… even with a Warden.  I knew this was going to be tricky.  I only tried once, but wiped at the first mini-boss fight.  Hmmm… one elite boss, plus another elite and two regular wolves with more wolves being generated… not fun IMO.  I can deal with one or two mobs beating on me, but with 4 or 5, I can’t do anything as a hunter.  So I decided to take a break on the epic volume 1 until level 50 or 51.

So I decided to go kill some mobs to get reputation items.  I figured I can earn some more TP and get some kill XP.  Then I remembered a kinmate saying the other day he was doing deeds in Sarnur.  I thought, why not?  There were 3 repeatable quests that I could solo, plus lots of mobs and rep items.  I fairly quickly got to level 50 along with getting to Kindred with Thorin’s Hall.  I also decided to work on the other reputation factions.  I starting running “The Eye of Angmar” in Annuminas for those reputation items and quickly hit Kindred.  I’ve continued working through reputation throughout the weekend.

On my reputation list, I’ve hit Kindred with every one except Esteldin, Forochel, and the two Moria factions.  That equals big TP.  Now I have enough for the next big questpack sale.

One little thing I don’t like.  Enedwaith reputation.  There is no way to get Kindred with both as a F2P without purchasing the quest pack.  So without the quest pack I have no way of getting the “world renown” deed/horse/title.  Little mad about that.  Of course, since F2P was on the possibility list, Turbine is forcing people to buy quest packs since there is no way of getting reputation from drops any more.  I know people are upset about bag space, but I’ve managed alright to get to level 50 with only 3 bags.  I’d like to see reputation drops for all groups. /complaint

Well I’m holding off best as I can not to continue volume 2 until the next update.  I’m just going to try and finish off volume 1 this week in preparation for next week.

See you in Middle-Earth!



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  1. Congrats for your achievement! I had roughly the same journey : human champion, hit 50 since this week-end F2P style. I levelled from 40 through questing in Tal Bruinen (nice set of armur there, 40-42), farming humanoids for the legendary pages (Angmar + MM, 42-45), farming skirmishes for the class items (47-49) and the rest by doing the epic questline. I’m currently stuck at 1.10.11, and so far I’m dying way too often for my taste…

    About the reputation, Esteldin should be easy to obtain at your level : just go and farm some berserker orcs at Dol Dinen, it should be fast. There are also some angmarim camps in Forochel for the 700 rep items, but going from stranger to kindred with just that and some 300 rep tasks will required a heavier grind…

    I had plans to experiment all the Eriador content before entering the Moria (except for those legendary items), but I can’t wait begin to questing again so I’ll probably tie some loose ends here and begin my next journey to level 60 – wish me luck 🙂

    Best wishes from Sirannon,


  2. Congrats Von! Great achievement.

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