Things are Moving

Things are going great.  I’ve been running the epic quests for volume one and started volume two.  I got my legendary bow and am working on leveling that.  I just completed book 10 of volume one.  I’ve been duoing with my wife’s burglar, but it’s definitely all been solo-able.  But, like most of the lotro, is much more fun with a friend or two! 🙂

I hit level 47 and am continuing to level pretty well.  I’m hoping to get up to level 50 at least before I have to start grinding again.  I’m also looking forward to a few extra skirmishes in the volume 2 epic when the next update comes out to make volume 2 solo-friendly.  Although I’ll still continue to level with my wife’s toon.

I’ve pretty much finished being able to get more TP other than continuing to work on reputation with Annuminas, Council of the North, and the other reputation factions I have left.  The other option would be to start another character or two.

But for now I’m doing well and we’ll see how it goes!



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  1. Good one, Von! Goes a bit slower than before from what I see. But things are moving ahead. Later levels understandably require more exp to ding, so its all good and fun. I’ve been playing my rune-keeper a bit lately.

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