I Love Reputation Quests and Hate the Siege of Gondamon

I got up to level 44 over the weekend.  That opened up pretty much every Eregion reputation quest.  I love these quests cause I can just buy the items off the AH and get some quick XP for the jump to 45.  I’m about 6k away now.  One little oddity is that I was still neutral with Esteldin and Annuminas, so I didn’t have the 2 additional quests available until I was acquaintance.  What’s odd, is I rode up to Forochel and as an outsider, I had all 3 quests available.  Not sure if that’s a bug or WAI.

I also made it up for 1.7.8 on the epic.  I tried it solo and the NPC died on the second fight.  I figure I’ll give it a few more levels before I give it another shot.  Or find a healer to take pity on me.

I will never do the Siege of Gondamon skirmish again.  Never again.  I will leave a group if they try and do that one.  I hated it so much before my F2P experiment and now I hate it even more.  I’m done with it.

I’ve also been racking up the skirmish marks and have finished 4 or 5 of the advanced slayer deeds on lieutenants gaining 500 skirmish marks for each one.  I’ll be using those to buy my Rune of Winged Dominance and Putrid Slime of Helchgam since free players don’t have access to CD.

Well, I’m excited to play tonight.  I’m off to level!



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  1. Awesome Von! Way to go on your progress. Looks like verything is working out well no matter of level gates.

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