A Nice Boost

Hit level 42 today.  Once I hit 40, it’s actually been a pretty quick ride to 42.  A couple daily skirmishes, plus when I hit 40, it allowed me to finish Book 5 in the MM and Book 6 in Angmar.  I took a trip up to Gath Forthnir and started Book 7.  Now that I’m 42, I’m heading back up there to see how far I can get.  At 40, I also got an XP boost I used during my skirmishes for that last boost to 42.

I am nearing the point where to continue doing skirmishes, I will most likely have to use some TP to increase the skill limit from 7 to 15.  It’s only like 200 points, which is about what I have left after buying Angmar the other day… so hypothetically I have 400 points available right now.

As I said in previous tweets, I bought Angmar when it was on sale, but for this experience, I won’t be doing any quests at this time, since not everybody is able to get it at 75% off.  With the setup that Turbine has, if you work hard enough, you can earn enough TP to buy anything you want.

Well, I’m off to GF



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  1. Well Im following u and have 34lvl hunter, still in LL, a few quests and will have only epic ones. Bought only riding skill (95 TP), LL (1 TP), Mirkwood QP for 75% off (around 250 TP) and have over 600 TP saved up. I have done all the “area” deads but still kinred with only 2, and have dozen other deeds like class and skirmish to be done. Well at time when I finish all that, will have to be patient and wait for discounts for QP that are closer to my lvl (I consider only 50% and up, as 20% is not discount for me 🙂

    For me this is a one character play as I dont plan using second slot for starting another for grinding more TP (my own experiment). As its also my first play I dont bother with extra bags or a house as I dont see a purpose for them as I dont store or keep anything, have only few things in vault, and money is no concern sa I have more than 15g in owerflow and did not enterd AH.

    The only thing Im strugeling not to buy are virtue and class slots because now their are the only important thing in character that is different between p2p and f2p, but probably buy them also on discounts.

  2. Way to go Von! :). 75% off was a great opportunity.

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