The Journey So Far…

I figured I’d take a few minutes to go over my journey to this point so far.

Overall it’s been a very positive experience.  I really think that new players get a good idea of the content, quality, and excitement of lotro in the first 30 levels or so before deciding whether to upgrade to VIP or purchase some turbine points to become premium.  Major kudos to Turbine for that!

The lower levels went by so far for myself, but I’ve experienced the game before, so for a new player it might not go as quickly.  I earned enough points to get a few things like riding and the auction house to speed things up.  Bought a house in game to get more storage rather than using TP for shared storage or more vault space.  After all, vault space can be purchased with in-game gold.  Up to 2 or 3 more times even if you don’t remove the currency cap (2g).

I’m not surprised with the slow down where I’m at, and if someone is determined enough, it can be overcome.  There is still lots to explore and see, even without purchasing points.  But purchasing points does make things easier. 🙂

As of today, I’m about half-way through 39.  So far I’ve been trying to run both skirmishes daily, do my task turn ins, then run the epic instance with Legolas.  Actually, what’s nice is I get my task turn in items from running that instance.  Doing the Gurzmat Book 5 quest has been a little tougher solo so I’m waiting until 41 to try it again.  After that, I can continue through that line and also work on the Book 6 line.

Time to make it happen!



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  1. Interesting to read about your experience! I’m trying to play through as a pure f2p-er, and I’m at just about the same point as you describe here: a level 40 minstrel, stuck being unable to take down Gurzmat until I manage to gain another level or two. I’ve been prioritizing getting access to content, so the only things I’ve spent TPs on other than Quest Packs have been riding skills and one extra character slot, when that was on sale. My main strategies have been to always buy QPs on sale (I’ve gotten Lone lands – before it was free, North Downs, Misty Mountains, and Angmar that way) and questing with a friend of mine so we can take on quests above-level until I manage to get the XP to be able to survive on my own again. That strategy helped me slingshot through the end of Book 4, since I didn’t have any Trollshaws quests to supplement leveling there.

    I’m a little frustrated right at the moment because I have these two new areas just waiting for me to explore, but my level isn’t quite high enough for most of the available quests. Currently I’m riding back and forth between Angmar and MM each time I gain a level, to re-attempt whatever I couldn’t manage a level before. And I’m getting a little tired of running the same two skirmishes over and over… I might take your advice of running the epic instance again, turning in tasks, and running GB as alternative ways to get XP. This definitely seems like the point where the game gets more challenging to enjoy for free! We’ll see if I can push through it, or whether it would really be better just to buy some points.

  2. Hullo

    I am doing something similar, same idea and the same goal like you. Since i already have a hunter, i decided to do this with my first guardian on this server, and well its getting harder and harder, already at the last part in lone lands i have noticied i have to buy soon my first class trait.[to get add. def crit and some extra shield dmg]

    Please let me/us know if you are doing a f2p walktrough with a melee class next time.

    take care

  3. It’s been good read so far Vonrandir, i’m a new player myself and i have been playing since the start of f2p. My first character and still my highest level one is a burglar, level 40 now. I took down Gurzmat at level 39 with my burglar. It was difficult, and i had to try a couple times until i got it just right (and thanks to HIPS, i was able to just back off and try again right then and there). I have created a few alts to grind deeds, which has slowed down my level progress with my main, but due to lack of quests it was going at very slow pace anyway. I already have Forochel QP purchased, but that is still a few levels above my current level, and while i do have enough TP, i’m thinking it would be a waste to buy any other QP on level 40 since they would overlap with quests in Forochel.

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