Road Block

I knew that it was coming, but there was nothing I could do to avoid it.  I’m out of solo quests that aren’t orange.  I hit level 38 yesterday.  My daily activity was logging on, turning in 5 tasks with items I’ve been saving.  Then I’ll run the two skirmishes I have.

After that, my motivation goes down the tubes.  Most nights I just logged off.  I don’t see how anyone, even someone new and fresh and would just want to explore could get through these dozen of so levels without more content, without giving up something else such as the money cap to get more quests.  At this point, I believe that was my mistake.  I started buying reputation items off the AH to earn more Turbine Points.  I could have done that from the start and saved the ~500TP I spent to buy a quest pack.

I did get up to Book 5, Chapter 2.  I made my way up the mountain in the MM to try and kill Gurzmat, but was unsuccessful. (It is a level 42 quest)

There is hope on the horizon though.  At 39, I can get the books to collect pages, which involves killing mobs and gaining XP that way.  Also, at 39 I can start book 7.  I may not be able to get too far in it right away, but it’s another step towards 45.  I believe at that point, many more epic quests will open for me giving me a nice path to the early 50’s and into Moria.

Quick note on crafting.  Vonrandir is a scholar and I made it to Friend in the guild.  Of course, to continue I need to purchase it from the Lotro Store with TP.  ~300 TP iirc.  Good news though, I thought that the supreme level was locked out by TP, but it’s not.

See you in Middle-Earth!



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  1. I’ve been following you blog as I’ve also recently started a f2p Hunter. Any recent updates or at this point do you think you are hopelessly stuck unless you guy a quest pack?

    What do you think at this point were the essential items you needed to spend TP on? I’m guessing horse, perhaps auction house, anything else?

    • Hi Billil,

      Firstly, the essentials include riding and a few auction slots just to make some money. Other than that, nothing I’ve found is really essential. As I mentioned, a little buyers remorse for the gold cap. That could have waited. As I continue to level, most likely I’ll increase the limit on skirmish soldier skills just to continue to easily do those.

      It’s not all lost, it’s just slowed down a bit. The level I’m at now is tough for some to level through, even VIPs. With the VIP, you just have more options now that you used to.

      For free players, you’ll have a few tough levels around 40 that’ll be a little rough, limited to 2 daily skirmishes. Another thing to remember, is that if you’re interested in grouping, there’s daily quests for the Great Barrows that any player can do for XP and Skirmish Points. So grab a couple friends or post in the LFF channel and get one of those started to break up the monotony.

      Good luck!

  2. Good times, Von. I hope it gets easier down the road and you can earn a bit more TP to make the gameplay more fun and less limited.


  3. There’s the repeatable epic instance with the trolls you can grind for xp, handy for eeking out another level or so.

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