Long Road

It’s been a slow go.  I’ve been trying to run both skirmishes I have once each day for the xp, plus killing mobs for reputation items and task items.  That’s been about it.  I’ve been trying to keep up with the book 4 quests as I go, but I’m hitting level blocks.  I barely survived doing the epic with Legolas at lvl 36.

The best method I’ve found for getting TP is doing reputation stuff.  You get 5, 10, 15, and 20 points at each level.  With the money I’ve been piling up killing mobs I’ve been able to purchase a lot of rep items to finish up Bree and the Mathom Society.  Without quests, the other reputation groups are going to be much more of a grind.  At this point, the only must I see in the immediate future is increasing the skirmish skill limit from 7 to 15.  If I want to continue the epic to volume 2, book 9 I’ll need the skirmish guy.  Course if I make it to level 65, I’ll be happy with that! 🙂

At 40, I’ll be starting to work in Sarnur for deeds and reputation items for Thorin’s Hall.

I was thinking about a few other things that will be coming up eventually, especially my level 50 class quest.  I’m fairly certain that as a free player I don’t get CD and Uru.  I’m thinking skirmishes will be the only way to get the last tier of that quest.

We’ll see when I get there.

See you in Middle-Earth!



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  1. Correct. CD and UrU are a part of Angmar QP and thus not free. You’ll have to skirmish for the items, unlock the quest pack, or buy them on the AH!

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