So begins the REAL experiment

So I’ve hit level 30.  I did my level 30 class quest.  I finished doing some deeds here and there in Bree.  I’ve done most of them other than the Haudh Iarchith deeds and I believe the sickle-fly deed.  I still have a ton of deeds to do in the Lone Lands.  I’ve done the majority of the quests in Agamar.  I haven’t touched GB or GA.  I really think I’ll need those later to fill in levels of the epic.

So I’ve continued to gather TPs wherever I can including doing repeatable grey quests for Bree in Haudh Iarchith.  That also gets me Mathoms for the Shire faction.  These are a great way to get a few extra turbine points in game.  What’s really neat, it that you can do all the factions in the game, plus all the quests that send you to the faction areas, regardless of you having the quest pack.  In grinding out deeds and quests, I’ve reached Ally with Bree, The Shire, and The Lone Lands factions.  That’s 90 TP or another virtue/class trait slot… and it’s 20 more each for kindred. 🙂

Now would the about the time I’d head to Evendim/Oatbarton for quests.  Since I’m well short on points, I won’t be doing that!  At 32, I started working on Epic book 3 and was able to finish that up relatively easy.  Book 3 has managed me about 3/4 of a level.  With a skirmish or two, I should level and make book 4 a little easier.  I really think that 32 to 45 is going to be the toughest part of trying to get to 65 w/o spending money and without logging my primary account to power-level.  I believe that the average new player could easily get to the lower 30’s without paying a thing.  This would be the point were you could either buy some packs or just subscribe.  From now on in will be the hard part.

Visiting Elrond's Two Sons

Off we go…



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  1. For me the 35-45 range has always been a pain for me too, even without having to worry about grinding deeds to unlock new areas. Great job on getting this far!

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