The Lone Lands and Traits

So Vonrandir has burned through the Lone Lands and hit 30 yesterday.  More on turning 30 next time, but this post is going to be about the Lone Lands.

I was thankful that the Lone Lands are free now.  For the f2p, without the Lone Lands, I could see the grind coming a lot quicker.  You can get almost 10 levels just in the Lone Lands.  There was still no difference quest-wise for the f2p player.  I am starting to see more and more things locked out for vip players including a LOT of swift travel, which is still level gated, but also for subscribers only, which I think it a good idea and a good way to get people to subscribe.

I am having a little buyer’s remorse about the currency cap.  Although I enjoying having almost 7 gold on Vonrandir, I feel that those point could have been spent wiser for virtues and class traits.  The class traits are going to be an issue for me, and I’m not sure what will happen at 39 when Legendary Traits start to open.  I would hope that Turbine would at least give you 1 slot for Legendary Traits, but at this point, I’m not sure.  Personally, I would rather have Turbine give players 3 for free and just make the other 2 available to buy, even if for a little bit more.  Even if I would get to a higher level and want to join an instance… are they going to see I only have 2 virtues and 3 class traits (I bought one with TP) and say, nah, we’ll get someone who has all their slots open for the level.

So the line starts to blur between player f2p and needing to spend money on items or subscribing all together.  By this point, I’m pretty sure I would’ve subbed.  It’s really worth it IMO, but again, I’m biased.

Well, I’m off to grind through some Bree deeds to earn at least one more virtue or class trait.

Vonrandir at the Bree gates

Vonrandir at the Bree gates

See you in Middle-Earth,



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  1. Briefly, you do get 1 single legendary slot for free. Best of luck to you!

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