Housing and the Shire Quest-a-thon

I bought a standard house.  I’m planning on buying a deluxe house at some point here.  I haven’t noticed any difference as far as housing at a F2P.  The only problem is to get a deluxe house you’ll have to purchase the currency cap removal from the lotro store.  After a long day of grinding the Shire for slayer deeds and quests I was able to afford it.  One thing I did notice is how much money I’ve managed to stuff away between questing, mob loot, and the new items I’ve been selling on the AH.

Vonrandir's House in the Elven Neighborhood

After much deeding and questing for TP, not XP, I decided to head out to the Lone-Lands after completing Book 1.  I was able to get through about half of the Lone-Lands and am up to the dwarf by the cave in the center of the area.

Things have been suprisingly easy even without more than 2 virtues and only 2 racial traits.  I have a feeling that down the road a ways it’ll get more difficult, but I’m having a good time questing and things have been very smooth and easy for a free player.  I’m very impressed with what Turbine/WB has done so far.  If they didn’t add the Lone-Lands to the free zones, I have a feeling I’d be grinding deeds and skirmishes to level.  I can put that off for a few more levels.

Coming up Next: Lone-Lands and Epic V1, Book 2

See you in Middle-Earth!



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