So I hit level 20 and ran through the Skirmish tutorials late last night.  Then, this morning, I ran through Tuckborough 2 times to see how it goes.  It was fine.  I still didn’t notice anything different from a VIP account.  I only have two skirmishes, Siege of Gondamon and Trouble in Tuckborough.  The next skirmish you get at 25, and I’m pretty sure I’d have to buy that one, which is the Amon Sul skirmish.

But really so far, nothing different.  One thing I really like is that running Tuckborough 3 or 4 times will complete both the regular and advanced slayer deed for brigands, goblins, and wolves adding 45 more TPs to my coffers.  I’m still working my way up to 400 points for currency cap removal.

Next time:  I bought a house!  We’ll see if anything is different for that with a F2P account compared to a VIP.

See you in Middle-Earth,



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