The First Week

Okay, so I’ll summarize.  I’ve been playing Vonrandir for 5 days so far.  I started on the 17th.  He’ll be 20 by the time I’m done tonight.  I chose the hunter because it’s a class I’m very familiar with, plus it’s a decent class for grinding deeds, which I assumed I would have to do a lot.  Surprisingly enough, I haven’t.

I’ve had a lot of fun playing the hunter again.  I haven’t really had too many issues or things that made me say, “Darn, I wish I was a VIP.”  The biggest issue that I’ve had is only having 3 bags.  I had actually grinded some deeds to earn enough for another bag on Monday when they were 50% off.  After much thought, I decided not to buy it and I’m saving for a currency cap remover, which is almost 500 points.  I figured if my goal was to get a house, especially a Deluxe house, 2g limit isn’t going to allow it.

The 250 points that you get for a new account right now are great.  I was able to purchase two things that for me, are very valuable for any character, even more-so than inventory bags.  I bought Riding for 95TP and I bought 5 Auction House sales.  Using the AH and selling some Light Hides, I was able to purchase my first mount.  Another good source of income… I made Vonrandir a Scholar.  I harvested nodes while questing, made scrolls and even at the vendors sell for big bucks.  If you have the AH slots available, you can try selling there as well.  I didn’t, but I don’t know the market for lower-lever items like those scrolls.

Quick side note, I like the new Thorin’s Gates area… very neat.

So I did most of the Ered Luin quests, then moved on to Bree.  I’ve been cruising through those pretty quickly, mainly because I’ve done them so many times.  My current goal is to level as much as possible, although there are some things that I will grind deeds for just to get TPs for a few items that I feel are essential.  My goal is to get a house now.  I might just go for the small one first, and work my way up to the deluxe.

To summarize:

  • Only having 3 bags stink, but as long as you’re not a collector, you’re fine.  Also being limited to 2 characters, your storage is limited.
  • There are a few things that IMO are essential.  Riding, AH, and Currency Limit Removal.  All are worth saving up TP and grinding deeds for
  • I can see why revenue is up.  I could have easily dropped 50 bucks on TPs for various items in the game that I would desperately want to have.  The thrifty player really needs to decide what they WANT and what they NEED.  Cosmetics are nice if you have a few extra points to spare, but you might want to spend those on something that will help you progress in the game first.

I see my self on a pretty easy path up to about 35 at the end of the Lone Lands.  It may come down to grinding deeds, skirmishes, and epic quests as I move through the game earning points to earn more quests, etc.

See you in Middle-Earth,



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