Method to my Madness

Okay.  First of all, I am a lifetime subscriber.  I have a second account that is free. (this one)  I have all the expansions and everything else on my other account.

Playing through LOTRO and being a super-alt-o-holic, I wondered what it would be like playing LOTRO for free.  I tried DDO for free and didn’t really care for it.  I don’t think it’s really because it’s free though, i think it’s more of a game style issue for me with DDO.  Any-who…

I started this a few days ago, so my next post will actually be a little summary of what I’ve done so far up to level 19, where I am right now.

First impressions to this part… I miss having 5 inventory bags.  At this point, other than that, I’m happily surprised.  But more on that later on.  I’m going to get my stuff together and will post more later this evening.  Below is my unscientific method for the game:

  • Start a free account
  • Not purchase any TPs. (at this point)
  • See what differences there are and see how playable the game would be for a money-conscious person.



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  1. Nice read, interesting to see where it goes!

    Veer, K.F.

  2. Good read. Keep it up.

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